Cyberware Fact or Fiction Ask ATI?

Next Generation in Cybertetic eyeware implants/replacment ATI seems to be getting the headjump at warp speed on gaming graphics and bio-ware implants. I know I want to sign up. Really cool marketing ploy in my opinion. Anyone else think so too?



  1. JL · September 13, 2009

    If anything like this remotely gets made, it will be employed for military and scientific research years and years before anything else gets it.

    Mostly because it would serve practical applications in say, the medical field or remote piloting military vehicles.
    Whereas the gaming world is strictly for kicks.
    Entertainment value only.

    • madarameharunobu · September 13, 2009

      An actual prototype? seems to be in working beta. Crude as it maybe? It’s still there, and I bet a friend of mine in Portugal could more info on this phenomenon. But not ONLY that, but the military itself uses video games too in their simulated combat theaters to project losses and victories and the cost thereof in reference to the entertainment value of it? The Gaming industry itself in my opinion does both good and evil in the sense that it drags are kids from reality in a sense of the MMORPGS and such. But in relation to actual real life, they can help prepare someone’s eye and hand reflexes and reactions.

      Keep the brain active with recursive scenarios that have different outcomes pending on which path/weapon/question*answer that person makes. Back to the cybernetics though, this article here goes into discussion of limbs and how to map the human nerve tissue so the flesh and the silicon can be meshed together w/o any real rejection issues and and mapping the proper reactions to said limbs with 98% restoration to one’s mobility if not 99.9% restored.

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