Philadelphia’s Library system in trouble? & BioMedical research

I have to agree with Oguie on this since she was the one that pointed this out to me that Philly’s state politicians have sawdust for brains since federal funding for the public library system is tapped out and the government doesn’t wish to help enlighten young minds and maybe help produce a better set of future leaders?

You close the libraries down and where do the kids goes to help learn about their own country? Where will they go to open and expand their minds and creativity? You mean to honestly tell me that the Penn. state goverment would allow thier youth to lose the imaginetive soul of reading due to funding? That what fund raisers are for! Telethons, petitions, lobbyists! I am not even from Penn and it pisses me off to no end!

This is Philadelphia for god sakes! Ben Franklin would pick up a torch and march on Capitol Hill and lit someone’s ass on fore for this type of outrage! If anything, Maybe State officials should take a pay cut to help fund the library funding issue? Gee what a concept, people need to unite on this, help out and lend a hand! Whether it’s out of the average Joe, or CITY officials or a hat out to help collect monies to keep those libraries open?

Isn’t it more for the kids to have a place to learn, to travel within their own minds thru the wonder of our public libraries? I know there are book stores that wouldn’t mind the business, but please to actually have the government halt funding and give the libraries “the business” because a supposed lack of funding? I scream bullshit, there are always to work on funding to keep such establishments open. When it comes to knowledge there should be no excuse on closing a place of knowledge. Oguie said in jest to make a point “Who needs a library, really?” I say “WE DO”!

Bio Medical Research in Bone replacment and growth

Bone research continues in the areas of medical applications. The article itself is quite interesting in the aspects that if we can’t regrow or repair the bone itself we can use this as a way to help the healing and repair come along the way its suppose to go.

I’m no einstein but I know bio mechanics when I see it. This really would revolutionize bone repair and help out with actual bone replacement as an adehsive between the metal or maybe even by that time a steel/ceramic polymer bone replacment part. I really didn’t think I’d live long enough to see some of the stuff we sat around and role played with.

You know like Shadowrun and Cyberpunk. Ear replacments being created, cybernetic eyeware. Enhanced limb replacments being in development. E-frames being built and placed into service as well. Pretty cool age we live in regardless of who our leaders are at the moment.