Well its happened. The Knights Sabers go UT3.

The Knight Sabers Ported to UT3 Yup, there is the link to go and read up on it and leave comments and such and feedback as well. I like it for the fact that someone other than myself attempts but in this case they succeeded where I failed. But at least it has been done in part of what I have been looking toward to.

Seems like some thought was placed on and hopefully there might be some head replacements sinc ethis seems like a 1st or 2nd beta release. I hope he places in a install guide for those that UT3 Black for steam as well. That would be very handy in the readme. I’m going to see if I can help somehow since I am one the “most” avid of fans.

That and I have a friend or two that has worked on the BGC Universe as a whole. Hell, I’m still working on our Megatokyo 2040 Project for UT2004. I think it has great playability factors, but back to topic Kobra made this thru love of the characters, the fans and the game, so please show your support by posting and leaving a reply or two for him will ya? Thanks.