Rammstein – & – Tatu Hellgate London AMV

All political bullsh*t aside, I like rammstien, however thier latest video has some contraverse to say the least. A number of thier fans have spoken in regards to thier latest Music Video entitled -=P*ssy=- link will be witheld. I am a parent myself and would not want my kid watching it personally.

I’m just wondering why they would do something like that? To me it cheapens the image they have of themselves to thier fans. Its like a mini porno reel, was it just to get a piece of tail while filiming a new video and they thought *wtf* lets turn it into a porn and give the fans something to drop thier jaws on? I mean take this video for instance? Yea its done with footage from hellsgate london, BUT it also appeals to the teen scene as well as the older fanbases as well.

I don’t see why they couldn’t do something a little more towards that rather than a lewd “You got a p*ssy and got I ave a d**ka” song. Was it all just to get more attention and to be more controversial to the german fanbase and/or the global fanbases? I really don’t see it more than a excuse for them to f*ck on video and get away with it. I’m just losing respect for such a cool group of musicians. its very sad in my opinion.



  1. Phantomgrift · September 22, 2009

    Wait, the “Pussi” video bothers you?
    This is nothing new or surprising coming from a band that in the past has sung about, among other things, the following:

    Brother On Brother Incest
    Rape Of A Young Boy
    Rape Of A Drugged-Up Hooker
    Kidnap And Rape
    Rape In General
    Girl On Girl Action
    Guy On Guy Action
    Tranny Sex

    If nothing else, this new song is actually kinda tame compared to the stuff they’ve done in the past. If there is any controversy, it most likely stems from the fact that very few people actually want to see Rammstein’s collective penis.

    Then again, this is a band who, during their live shows, would go out on stage wearing giant dildos that would spray water over the crowd.

  2. madarameharunobu · September 22, 2009

    *shrugs* Well, I don’t watch thier videos nor thier concert footage either. I like enough of thier music to maybe fill 1 album? Like, Moskau, Amerika, keine lust, Feuer Frei!, Bayern des samma mia and such.

    AT the same I also like TSOL and SOD and The Misfits and meat puppets too. As far as cosplay goes too? Look at GWAR, they’ve pulled some stunts like that as well. I’m saying at this time, I’d be shocked to even know if my kid has seen that video. There is enough crap out there avlib to see and scar a kid’s Psych.

    I didn’t start listening to them till I was like 16, 17……(Damn it ! I’m OLD! ARGH!) So yea in the opinion of allowing my kid(s) see this video I’d rather be forcefed glass. They can wait till they are 18 and make those decisions. But till then and as long as they are under my roof, my rules go.

    I find the music quite good as far as gaing goes as well. You play UT2004, try playing Feuer Frei as the background music and frying everyone with a redeemer or minigun and see if it doesn’t cause you smile insanely with much satisfaction? I guess it boils down to one’s mood as well too.

  3. AnimeFood Magazine · October 6, 2009

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