Star Wars and My garage……

So cleaning out the garage boxes and a good portion of my life before marriage and age 30. I’ve given away a bit so far. But I am giving away a SlaveOne with two missing panels, a TieFigher Darth Vader’s its missing part of the wing that attached to the side, a Snowspeeder missing the battery plate and a gun array, and a Broken X-Wing which I am debating on keeping and reparing myself.

Other than those nothing huge, a few Movie memorabilia packs, a number of Dinkies and Furbys I have restored and brought back into operation. Found my missing box of comics and went out and got 2 comic storage boxes to transfer them to for storage purposes.

That brought the box level down by 3. Now I have to just go thru my models and see what’s worth keeping and what heads to the recycle bin or kit bashing event? I also found my 1/133 Space Cruiser Yamato miniatures WOO HOO! Now the hard choice to build or to shrink wrap and place on eBay?

UT3 seems to have become a little more interesting with the soon to be release DM-TokyoTrainWreck which by screenshots alone look quite excellent. I am looking forward to testing this out with those Knight Saber Models the Kobra created recently.

Well I actually thought I had the forum configuration fixed so people could post in “1” forum section at our site as not to let so many spammers allowed on the other boards. However still stuck at it, and the person that help create it with me has gone off to better venues in his opinions. But I have issued out a few invites for the friends I do have.

I seem to need to get back to work so off I go and call to answer. TTYS and see some of you on steam.