Kanye and Memes, Shinchan and Deja-Vu Manga

The whole “Yo (name) I’m gonna let you finish, but (Name) had one of the best (wtf ever) ever! is old, its not even a month old and its deader than Mr. Ed’s corpes after Wilbur finished him off. I’m sick of it, done, over, finished, get the fu** over it people! Stupid saying that Kayne should have been dragged outside and had the ever lovin sh*t stomped out him NY and L.A. Style and then dragged thru honey and a open pit on hungry Amazon red ants.

In sadder news Cartoonist Youshihito Usui creator of Shinchan seen recently on Adultswim on cartoonetwork and Japanese newspapers and Manga Publications was found dead at Mount Arafune near the crossroads of Gunma and the Nagano prefectures 48 hrs ago. This seems to have been a Mountain Climbing accident since he was discovered at the base of one the mountain’s cliffs battered and bruised.

There was no suicide note in his gear or caming belongings nor at his residence. He did however inform his family that he was goign to take a mountian climbing trip back on the 11th of Sept. Police are sure he may have lost his footing during part of his climb. Truly an artist that will be missed bu otaku across the globe. To The Artist who brought a loveable asian scamp name Shinnosuke Nohara to life in the manga titled “Crayon Shinchan” we salute you and grief at the loss of such a creative person.

Been doing some reading as well and I have to say The Manga Anthology called Deja-Vu is a definite good read. I know its not “Robots & Spaceships” but rather Romance and Mythology and sci fi mixed into it. Where the author used the 4 seasons to help tell the story out of two people that meet up through out history thru reincarnation and doomed to be alone from each other in each meeting, OR do they? Needless to say, IF you have it at your local library?

Its on the Tokyopop publication label with clamp doing an afterword, art done by several well respected and known artists, Yang Kyung-il, Kim Tae-hyung, Byun Byung-jun, Park Sung-woo and Lee Vin with the Story being done by Youn In-wan. I wish you happy readings and happiness in your exploration thru the mangaverse my creative explorers