MIT has prototype Cybernetic Eye enhancements.

Cybertechnology strikes again, The guys at MiT are at it again! eyesight research thru cybernetic technology is on the run again. The reasearchers have invented a prototype that should be in production on a limited run for the test focus group.

Very cool aspects wih regards to this, the chipset will probablly be smaller by the time for testing is ready. according to the article this wil last up to ten yrs. But afterwards what will be the process for maintance so it will last another 10 yrs on top of that?

Using the person’s own eye and the technology the chipset will use electronic impulse signals to the optical nerve to be translated into visusal graphics. There will also be teh use of eyeglasses that will have a battery feed to the device. This may not restore 100 % sight, however it will restore sight in theory so far to a level where one can navigate without tripping over things and people and may very well be able to tell one person from another.

Again, shades of shadowrun/cyberpunk technology are at hand in the media again. I am glad to have survived this long so far myself. Maybe I’ll even be able to create something useful before I pass from this life to the next? One can hope can’t one?