park City Vacation day 1

Was a very scenic drive up. took the i15 down to provo and took route 84 up to park city thru heber. On the way up we had the occasion to see a few natural waterfalls in action due to the snow melt from where we were at. Pictires will be coming up and I wall divide them out once I get the off the camcorder.

We stopped at the heber state park/railroad to strech our feet take a small break. Seems to be a popular spot because we happened upon a up and coming model shoot that was unloading in the adjacent parking lot. We headed back on the road and travelled thru Heber city which was nice and has a danish influence as far as a majority of the buildings on the main street were concerned.

We finally reached the Park Ave Condo community up in park city mid afternoon, and unloaded the gear into the condo. (Pics forthcoming) The place itself is wondeful! Sunshine thru the main bedroom in the morning as to Nature’s alarm clock. The living room itself also has a ceiling window set so we do’nt have to use the indoor lighing till after dusk.
Ordered some chinese chicken and rice, some chicken salad for my wife and picked up some burgers and fries for our kids after we did some shoppig for the time we’re up here. Taa taa for now.