Park City Vacation day 2

Woke up the sun hitting the breaks betwwen the curtain and what a beautiful scene indeed. Went to dow to the olympic park center and checked out some the very cool scenes and the areas. Even got a few shots of Norweigen history that was involved with the olympics and park city in general.

After that we headed to McDee’s for lunch and then the outlet stores did some shopping for the kids and the Mrs. Got our oldest a cool Tee and Skullcandy Retro headset (Reminded of The DS Game The world ends with you) and then got 3 super keen mini ninja themed Tee’s from Rue12. Then went to “Claire’s” (Where me and Ronda didn’t see any real diff on the prices) then headed back to the condo.

WOO HOO! Saw 1st hour of The Clone Wars "Rise of the Bounty Hunters" BITCHES! WOOOO! (Cough Cough) Erm back to buisness. It was very cool, enjoyed watching it with our kids, even ronda came down and watched most of it with us. Made some home made mashed avacado and salsa verde mixed in with it as a kicker to the dip. everyone scarfed that down in no time flat. It’s late and I need sleep. So TTYS peeps!