End of vacation and Back to Da Grind.

Well, got up about 8 as Mr. sun hit me in the eye with beam of sunshine or two. My wife was already downstairs and had some things packed for the trip home. Kids were awake but not ready and what can you do about that nothing.

Ate breakfast, help get dishes washed and put in the dishwasher. Ran upstairs to help the girls pack up and get ready for the trip home. Watched a tiny bit of the secret saturdays then loaded up the car and started on our way back home.

On the way back got some great shots of the waterfalls again. Oh and we were goign to go out to eat for lunch before we got home, kids ate an entire bag of carmels while we were driving. Not only that but we left the “Happenings” entertainment book at the condo.

We called and told the property management we accidently left it there and they were nice about and said they’d let the onsite duty manager know to keep an eye out for it before the cleanign crew gets in there. We’re a little hopeful but not by much.

We stopped by Aniplay and let the kids picj out some anime pins and such. Aniplay is one of my fave stores this one used to be known as AnimeTokyohouse but was bought out and redesigned. Due to a lack of decent management, the owners have been forced to close thier doors. I’m attempting to help by making and explaing some suggestion that may allow them to keep the buisness open yet allowing them to close the store w/o losing customers. Me? we got home I helped unpack and I went to work where I am at the moment updating the blog.