WINDOWS 7 Ultimate Signature Edition, Mine wow.

Win7 Ultimate

Win7 Ultimate

Seriously, was in the back raking leaves and walked out front to check on one my kids and there it was a Box from houseparty. I was like cool, my partypack arrived, and when I opened it up there was a free sealed envelope of Windows 7 Ultimate Signature Edition. I GOT WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE SIGNATURE EDITION BITCHES, CHEW ON THAT TREBECK!



  1. nameless wonder · October 12, 2009

    Damn you and getting that! I was gonna sign-up for a house party but my landlords were all “no parties for you!” and it made me sad.

  2. madarameharunobu · October 12, 2009

    I got lucky. I was hoping MS would have given me a copy anyways for the time I had been testing W7 since what Jan/Feb to now. Yea I told what my party was going to consist of and how I would throw it. I won myself a party pack with windows 7 ultimate signature edition with it inside.

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