Saturday, Fun time, Joy Time….YOU BLINTING BLOIT !

I swear sometimes it doesn’t pay to wake up. Got up back hurt, had to go to mother in law’s to yup you guessed it! Hang the drywall we dressed and trimmed to hang for today but this time the whole gang’s going. Spent 2.5 hrs there hanging trimming and retrimming drywall. Finished that, drove over to Rumi island grill rice bowls for everyone. (And some sweet potatoe fries and hot sauce) .

Got home with enough time to cut the lawn and get to work! WRONG! The lawnmower busted on the rear right wheel well and busted down half way thru the job. spent the rest of the time trying to fix it. Got to work and ended up relaxing more here then at home knowing the issues I have ot deal with in the morning. Oh well thats life and you have to deal with it. try to sprinkle a little sugar on it to lighten things up a bit.