Ok, wensday, my friday.

So, I got on the top 10 agents list for last month. Good for me, I am glad I can do the job and get recog, for it. I even got a cool gift card of an undisclosed amount, and a catered lunch of sirloin tip beef, candied carrot home slices. A nice garden salad and a Seafood pasta salad as well.

Come to a conclusion though, why are people I don’t like and don’t even really associate with try to start some type of fight when all they’re going to get is a whole pack of empty? Seriously, it’s been an ongoing issue, and to be frank it’s quite asinine as well. If you have a problem with me? That’s your problem and you have to deal with it.

Not me, I’m done trying to act nice or trying to be civil while being cussed at by some late 20’ish early 30’ish acting an ass so they seem cool to their irc buddies and cut up on me after I leave. Or that’s at least what’s been told to me by other people in there from time to time. It’s more like just an annoyance than anything else, and eventually you just don’t even acknowledge them anymore even if they try to talk to you. But do they get the hint? Unknown, because I’m just not willing to take that 1st step or retort to some type of insult to possible injury