Ok, wensday, my friday.

So, I got on the top 10 agents list for last month. Good for me, I am glad I can do the job and get recog, for it. I even got a cool gift card of an undisclosed amount, and a catered lunch of sirloin tip beef, candied carrot home slices. A nice garden salad and a Seafood pasta salad as well.

Come to a conclusion though, why are people I don’t like and don’t even really associate with try to start some type of fight when all they’re going to get is a whole pack of empty? Seriously, it’s been an ongoing issue, and to be frank it’s quite asinine as well. If you have a problem with me? That’s your problem and you have to deal with it.

Not me, I’m done trying to act nice or trying to be civil while being cussed at by some late 20’ish early 30’ish acting an ass so they seem cool to their irc buddies and cut up on me after I leave. Or that’s at least what’s been told to me by other people in there from time to time. It’s more like just an annoyance than anything else, and eventually you just don’t even acknowledge them anymore even if they try to talk to you. But do they get the hint? Unknown, because I’m just not willing to take that 1st step or retort to some type of insult to possible injury



  1. nameless wonder · October 15, 2009

    You know that the only time anyone brings you up is when I mention you. Usually along the lines of “Oh a comment on DA. Ah, it’s Leon.” No one randomly brings you up, which is why I try not to mention you on IRC because I’d rather people stay off your back.

  2. madarameharunobu · October 15, 2009

    Yea, I know. Its why I don’t speak openly in there and I guess I just missed you leaving the channel. Had to take the kid to school and drive back back. Would have talked with you earlier this morning but, and you might laugh, I fell asleep on the keyboard and woke up to a pitch black office and think WTF ?!?

    I basically just shrugged and crawled off to the bed and passed back out. As far as IRC goes……..it stays there. As far as that [lace goes we’ll not talk about it much here. I dislike the amount of abuse you take there and put up with it. But at the same time I don’t see why you stay either.

    You have your reasons, but then again I have mine as well, and if I can somehow have you see what is going there and have you realize the place may really not be a healthy place to stay for you.

    Jason says I should re-register and come back maybe, but then again that would open myself to the old same amount of pissing bitching pms’ing crap that kept happening with the old account. So no, I don’t think I’d want to re-register and do anything there. It’s fun to go by and see whats discussed from time to time though, but that goes for any place too as well. But also I’ve noticed how other people have stuck their noses in our conversations on the mutual other place and can’t take the hint that they are undesired in the conversation and that goes for all them, not just a single person.

    I really want to know why you stay on at that place when you get badgered and berated and annoyed and insulted and such. But then again it also falls back on how you may present yourself to them as well. I may wear rose colored spectacles from time to time, but I also switch to the norm contacts and see the HS based type of attitudes too. I just don’t see you really being there at that level, you’ve shown in the past on several occasions that you’re on a different level of hmmm how to put it?

    Maturity is the only word I can say as hurtful as that sounds. OH I know I act that way from time to time as well, but I don’t stay perpetually on that same gear, nor am I like that on-line either much. I don’t want to bust your chops over it, but I do want you to see how much better you might be if you decided to unplug from communities and just be a single individual again.

  3. Alfonso · October 15, 2009


    Maestro, if you are going to leave some of your other sites? Were you going to those on there that you were leaving? Are you sure you want to leave them behind? I won’t stop from doing it, but do it for the right reasons. If this person wants to be self destructive as you say? Then let her go that route. You’re not her father, hell you’re not even related. I understand why you’d want her to stop going there and I can also see why you left there and psx as well. Although at times I’ve seen you bring some of it upon yourself? I think some people just should have backed off and left you alone and minded thier own issues. But you get those everywhere and anywhere you go on the net these days. Its not the internet we knew back when well we’ll just say before Y2k yea? But seriously, you have to think about this one guy, I will still talk with you on steam and on MS, if you want to? I’ll also be on IRC at fragbu sitting and idling as I usually do. But give yourself some credit you have come a long way from the type of person you were when you were on chris’s website. I’m out, I have to pick the kids up from boy scouts. We will talk sooner I hope rather than later.

  4. madarameharunobu · October 16, 2009

    Hey Alf,

    I don’t know what my decision is as of yet tbh. I’m just tired of the stupidity I seem to encounter on the net. I mean towelie’s and The UT2k4 and UT3 servers are one thing, thats just gaming and we all give each other crap, and if we butthurt’ed someone with a off handed remark at least we apologize for it after game slap each other on back and kick down a Wired-X at the console.

    What I’m talking about is yea, old wounds from old places and the people involved showing up to open them a little. I’m sorry I just don’t have the shell you guys do, and be able to just let it roll off my back-feathers, I’m not ducky that way. ( but no pun intended in that either btw)

    I’m just sick of having a conversation and having some person come in that I really don’t like and they now so to walk in and butt in with their two cents and implying I’m the one at fault in whatever it is thats being discussed. It would be like me going over to your FB and interjecting into the conversation you and rick were having, saying Things at BuF are for fun and thats all.

    Which may or may not be the case but there still come the cases of being butthurt over some the commentary. Thing is people are careless and mostly just don’t give a fuck on how other people feel, which in my book is disrespectful and annoying. Oh and yes I’ve been on Towelie’s all morning but only a few regulars showed up. But hit me on steam if you like since I know your MSN was a haxor’ed to hell.

    Sorry about that man. But maybe just using Steam is a way to go to take a vacation from the headache dood. Oh and tell the guys I’m sorry fro being a douche yesterday afternoon. I shouldn’t have taken it out on the channel, it was really poor form of me to do so.

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