Not so happy

I just have to ask when do people get the hint you just want them to stfu and back off? Seriously, people are inherinetly braindead when it comes to that! You’re in a conversation with someone and some bozo comes trampling in putting their two cents into the conversation. Well take those two pennies and gouge your fucking eyes out your sockets. My questions were of a serious nature.

I mean really, wtf/wth did your dad do? burn you with his havana when you were a child? Throw you in the closet with Skippy the leg humping hound dog when you were bad? It’s very impolite to just POP in w/o asking if you can interject to express an opinion. Am I overreacting, some might say so, but if you step back and look at the shit I’ve had to put up and the level of stupidity I and others were subjected to.

I think you’d agree that yes indeed you have a valid reason to vent. I’m not a dickhead, This is not HS I am definitely not some tween noob. There are times however that you get driven to that point you just blow your top and you just want to tell people shut your freakin piehole and get out of my face and my conversations.

Gripes CAN I get a decent cup of joe here !?