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Aio House, an enjoyable read. A Manga by One Mr. Adam Arnold and The Art illustrations by the artist known as Shiei.

This is basically the Story of Sandy Grayson and Alexander Roberts. These two get into some very odd situations after being thrown of their dorms for ridiculous infractions and are forced to seek some type of shelter for themselves. Whilst checking the College Campus Boards for any rooms/apts/Cardboard boxes for rent, they come across what they thought was the perfect solution. OR DID THEY? *aoi house one the college clubs on campus needing members. Needless to say upon coming to said club/house they find that it is a club consisting of mainly women. You’d think this was a no brainer right? Anime Club full of women needing members to join. HA! The Club is an Anime/Manga all right but mainly focused on Yaio Anime and Manga.

The boys are indeed accepted into the fold after some harsh razing by the club’s president and forcing our boys through some grueling punishment and initiations. The series itself is a good read indeed and I’m not into Yaio, I’m basically into a great situational manga comedies. This offers a lot of laughs and fun all around. SO please, feel free to give Aio House a read through. It was not only hilarious and a good reading romp? But it will also have you come back again to re read it again too. It was just that funny. I liked the fact that the company allowed the creator and artist do a Music Video to draw in some of the readers out there. There is also an unused Alternate opening Sequence as well. I will also show as well.

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  1. nameless wonder · October 17, 2009

    The only thing I didn’t like about Aoi House was that after the anime con we (the readers) only got partial storylines due to them trying to push the sales of the paperback versions of the comic.

  2. madarameharunobu · October 17, 2009


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