Kim Possible. Wow, talk about a twist of events

I swear I thought I’d never see teh day where Shego was good almost 98% throughout the show and even had a spot of romance possibly in the air!

Ok so I watch it time from time with my oldest WOOPDY DO ! Wha you don’t with kids or cousins or nephews? Oh you do but you’re too much of a punk to admit it? yea thought so……..

Borderlands PC – You Getting yours? I am

Oct 20th will be a day of downloads on steam. Borderlands the MMORPG/SHOOTER will hit the DLS and servers will be hit hard! But its definitely worth the buy, great thing is? I’m not paying a cent due to work I did for a friend and his pc.

This game will be off the hook! So those reading this and getting it as well? Post up lets rip up the roadways with the vehicles. I swear I love Road Warrior games and this one will be one for my collection as well. Remember Steam can be your friend indeed! MWhahahaa! Borderlands, PRE ORDER TONIGHT!