Wacom Tablet reinstall issues / Christmas is right around the corner

CRAP ! I really dislike the fact that I have to install 2 diffrent drivers to get my serial Wacom to install properly again. Good thing is when I finally make the jump to Windows 7 on the new hdd? The Wacom Install shoul dbe automatic. I’ll be able to use gimp (Yea some of us have families and such and cannot afford the luxuries of Adobe.) and use that to get back on track on trying to better my art skills.

Also Borderlands comes out on the 26th for pc. 😦 Mang! I thought my friend ordered it for me early. I guess it’s ok because I also got the RIP Trilogy as well on steam too. Also checking what my kids want for christmas. Got make that list and check it twice right? Part of being 1/2 of a set of parental units, have a few ideas already won’t openly discuss them since our oldest is old enough and might I say slick enough to try to find this blog and see what I am writing here.

Back to work for me, and time to energize the gerbil wheel gogo gerbil powerpellets!