YAY! Game Preload!

My Borderlands is now preloaded for activation! Bwhahaha! I’m also replacing my hdd *FINALLY* to a 500 GB Hdd. Much overdue and much needed in my opinion. My UT3 Black Install has gone flop on my hdd and I think its due to bad sectors on the drive. That and I get this annoying error 83 when I try to start it up from steam the 1st it tries to start.

I’m also getting STALKER Shadows of Chernobyl, Quake 4 Enemy Territory, Ghost Recon and maybe Sam II. The great things you can find on the internet eh? Will test out the Wacom on the windows 7 install too once I have the new drive installed and updated. Have to go return 3 manga a friend got me at Barnes and Nobels last week I really don’t like shaman king that much, it seems too much like a kid’s manga anyway. So hopefully I can just get the exchanged out for something I’d really enjoy reading.


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  1. nameless wonder · October 23, 2009

    Try Rose Hip Rose

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