Soupy Sales a Legend in his own time Passed on Age 83

Milton Supman AKA Comical Legend Soupy Sales passed away at age 83. His comedical stunts and wit were obtained During World War II oddly enough. During his time in the U.S. Navy he entertained his shipmates using the ship’s PA system. After the war he decided to the airwaves as a DJ like Kasey Kasem. Using his material from his military duty he aquired and soared into Television History with The Soupy Sales show!

My dad and Grandfather grew up with Lunch with Soupy Sales which was live in 1953 and lasted till 1966 when I was born. Soupy was a Do it all type of person. Not only did he do his show but game shows, voice acting in cartoons in his life. It was also his wonderful sense of comedy and bringing laugther to us all thru television that endeared him to us all in heart as well as mind. We will miss you Soupy……