Windows 7 and The Otakus in Redmond


For the past decade-plus, the renowned otaku community has idolized and actually gave birth to various Windows versions as cute anime girls called “OS-tans “. Our MS Otaku brethren in Washington State have created and adopted and released to the global OS-Tan Family Nana!

From ME-tan’s clumsiness to 2K-tan’s formal and business like demeanor and attire to XP-tan’s big boobs; earlier OS-tans still have a community-driven love towards them. They embodied actual user reactions to the operating systems the warm and smiling Nanami looks like a very cute and yet seasoned Os-Tan that and her cat that she has with her as well.

The Lovely OS-tan family have been given names to the OS they are derived from however this time had a little puntastic twist her official name: is Nanami Madobe also small fact time Nana is Japanese for the number Seven. Nanami even has her own voice actress, and graces a bundled desktop theme for the Japanese pre-ordered otakus. I will also add I LOVE My NANA! ^^;