Windows 7 and Anime Gadgets

Hey, how you all doing? Enjoying the windows 7 goodness yet? I am and The Nana theme as well. But to add to the wnder of that theme ? I added The Anime System Admin Gadget and a few others at anime theme dot com. Seems you can have some pretty fun times with it as well.

It’s cool and I recommend it to every otaku out there as well. It works well in Xp, Vista and Win 7, not sure about windows 2k. But seriously if you love anime as much as I do ? Give the site a try and alive as well. You can even get a email too if you look carefully enough as well. I got mine.



  1. Roger · October 31, 2009

    I think I will wait for SP1 before migrating to 7. I had some issues with the RC running my project with the Ogre opengl renderer, so I prefer to be 100% sure that everything works.

  2. madarameharunobu · October 31, 2009

    I can understand that. I only have one issue atm, it’s the Soundmax chipset that comes with most ASUS boards. If I can’t resolve it on my own fully? I’m going to resort to installing a SB Live Ex Card to solve my audio gliches.

  3. roger · October 31, 2009

    My advice, get a soundblaster card. that solves your problem and if you are a gamer and have nice speakers you will notice the difference. Im planning to ask some cheap Audigy or X-fi to a friend, but that will still have to wait.

  4. madarameharunobu · October 31, 2009

    ah indeed, I will more or less end up installing the SB card after disabling the onboard audio. Then I may truly be able ot enjoy the Audio experince in all its gaming splendor!

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