Food, fun, CORN MAZE !

WOO! Just got home and I got to say that tonight was one the best ones yet. We went to a corn maze here in town and we raced thru it in record time with our oldest leading the way. She’s a real spitfire let me tell you.

She got the map and off she went sisters in tow. All while me and my wife decided to trail along behind nicely taking and easy pace of it all.
One twins got super scared because there was some kid with a werewolf mask on and talk about grabbing hold and not letting go. Wow, kid’s developed a lock on the arm like you wouldn’t believe either.

Finally got her to relax and catch up with her sisters. After that we headed to dinner at one the better Chinese gourmet buffet places. Mongolian BBQ was the best part in my opinion. Two bowls of that and 4 plates of eggrolls and I was done. Got the paints my oldest needed for her keyblade taken care of as well.