Halloween 2009

Seems I’m spending it at work as a normal night. Nope, nothing new no pizza, no free candy, but I did get a dvd and cookie from the days off I was on. Baby for sale the dvd, yea I really want to have something like that. Figure got something still in the wrap? Going to gra ywhale with it.

Maybe I can get something cool, intead. Got the laundry done, helped out a littl ebit with our oldest’s Xion costume from Kingdom hearts 358/2 days. Her Keyblade looks awesome, The “13” Robe/Hood setup came out great My wife did a super job indeed with it. Got the chains and hooks and the Keyblade chains placed and all of that good stuff as well.

Me? I’m sitting here at work typing away on keyboard doing my job and helping people as I can. But honestly Halloween does let all types loose on the phone.