V The Next Generation

Old Generation

2nd Gen.

Looks like tonight had a outstanding audience count. The old as well as NEW fans enjoyed what seems to be a rebirthing of a Sci Fi Classic from 1984 – 85 Mini series V. I’m hopeful that there will be more on this and that the fandom will seem to have its revival earlier than expected…….

My deceased LJ

I’ve decided to get rid of the LJ thing entirely. It just sits and the more time I spend trying to keep it up to date is time that could be spent elsewhere and in more productive ways. I also just didn’t want to deal with certain aspects of my past anymore either. We all have responibilities of one form or another we take care of on a daily basis, my lj isn’t one them anymore.

Although, I have left word and URL to those I wished to stay in contact with from LJ on their respective LJ’s. I mean, it was good run all in all but things just need to end at some point. I will more or less be here or the other places I still maintance and keep to date as much as I can factoring in time and all.



  1. J · November 4, 2009

    Wait, who all was still giving you crap over at LJ?

  2. madarameharunobu · November 4, 2009

    Honestly, it’s not so much who’s given me crap and such more so to the fact it’s time to just let it go. That and I really don’t feel it prudent to discuss the details on here say rather than the “forum’s Open ranting Hall” if you wish to discuss in detail and at length if you wish.

    I usually rant there and discuss things within the confinement of the forum’s open yet private sector of the board. I’m not the only one but we do seem to get a lot off our chests while in there. It does prove to be a great rebounding board.

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