Christmas Decorations for the house.

Wow, simply wow, It’s taken me so far 4 days to ge the freakin lights done and I am -=still=- not finished! ARGH! The lights for the trim? They are done I spent with my wife’s help 4 hrs going thru strigs of ligths and replacemnt bulbs, but I did finally today get the last string fixed!

Tommarow’s veteran’s day, am I going to get it off? Nope, no ex-G.I. day for me, back to the usual grind. Even had to take my eldest Daugther to the Orthodontist this morning to get her wire adjusted. Ends up she is also sick so its daddy daugther day, and we decided ot play on line for an hour I got her some pizza and a bottled water. We watched some Danny phantom and she fell asleep as I went to work.

Just getting off work now and going to Towelies after work to fight off the frustration I feel in regards to some personal issues I’m having with a few people. Basically deciding to jump out the way and let the bus catch em if they fall under or if I throw a line and keep going? Decisions Decisions, indeed hard to mak ethem, but they do have to be made.