Friday the 13th

Yes, bad luck friday, no ladders up mirrors covered no cats save for my own. no cracks on the ground where I am walking. Its been a safe day so far. I’m heading to my mother in law’s to help vacume and clean up the bottom level of the house.

She’s trying to finish before my brother in law and his family come from texas to visit. She really is on the move on getting this done. She’s got a lot of the electrical done, the walls are up ceiling is almost complete. I might have to bring in the new cushions she said she bought the other day as well.

Supposed to snow tonight, can’t say I want it, cause I don’t. But it wil hep clear the air up and break the inversion we’re having. Think I’ll get the kids pizza today since our oldest is having her monthly friend day thing and spending with one of her friends from Science class.

Anyways, have to head out of here heading there now. Lets just hope the going home traffic isn’t all jacked up to hell. Piano lessons are in like 20 mins YIKES!