Snow OMG and Funky Old School House Music too!

Yea, it’s true the 2nd “Official snowfall” for the 2009 Fall/Winter has occured. It was pretty much looking like a powdered doughnut outside when I woke up this morning and pretty much melted by noon, but at 2:00 it hit like gangbusters.

Me and my wife were enjoying a good game of mafia wars and we looked outside and it looked like a blanket of whiteout had been dumped on the neighborhood. Driving thru this crud infested snow was horrible and I have to possibly drive thru it after work at midnight.

Oh and to Phant I think with something you said earlier today that you’d apperciate this little Diddy…..

You’re not the only one that gets down and wit da funky.



  1. PG · November 15, 2009

    Actually, I was trying to point out how sad it was that stuff like that used to be considered “cool” when viewed from here and now, it just strikes me as amusingly cheesy.

    • madarameharunobu · November 15, 2009

      Ergo the reason I posted it. It’s cool if you like fragging to it. But I happened to like the old school Techno like from kraftwerk and Art of Noise and Nina Hagen, but at the same time TSOL and SOD and The Meat puppets were also pretty cool at the time as well. That and headbanging to Twisted Sister and Iron Maiden. But that’s the love of music and how it can change as we get “oooooolder” and we end up having to take more geritol when we try to lock pop and bop eh.

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