Christmas Shopping Safari

Also seems to be a trek across the great data divide when in search for thet certain something for christmas for the family or kids. Today was no different. Wife would like said game for the family, saw it the local ad at the local toy store for 20.00 $ less than its usual price that was sunday.

The odds were stacked against from the get go. After getting a tank of gas for my week’s journey I hit the closest outlet to the house, Out of stock hit the one by my wife’s work, out of stock. before heading to the one across the city and the wholesale outlet I had the CS attendant call ahead. Out of stock in the valley. ARGH! So now I have to wait till thrusday morning to check since that’s when they usually have the restocks come in.

So if that’s the case? I’m camping out as soon as the kids hit the door to school. if its one thing I am that’s determined to get what my family wants for thier holiday wishes. At least most of them within reason. I’m even selling off some of the other gear I just refound in the closet earlier today to try to get one the kids a new -not telling you- since they have shown such a strong interest in art and such.

Crap I have to jamm work calls and I have to get there before the traffic starts.