Nah, but I did get a scare this morning let me tell you! I’m driving home takes me like 5/7 mins from office to driveway. 12:07 AM MDT overhead I pull over the sky looks like noon for like 3 secs. and overhead is this streak of blue with a head as red as a solar flare that bursts into a scattering over west jordan’s nearby Golf course. Scared the hell out of me, because for one brief sec the thought of “oh shit they launched the missles” when thru and I wasn’t home with my family to be there with them when it hit.

Need to go shopping soon, I’m hoping I can sell this 5 port switch off and the 512 megs of ram I got on craigslist. Figured I could use the cash towards christmas gifts for the kids. Almost off from here but Hey here’s me at work, being a douche towards a certain set of people on the net. They say a Pic is worth a 1000 words. Well here ya go…………. Smile douchebags