Thursday and a Game Dev turnaround

Still no luck on the game search. But I did get a few dvd packs from work which was pretty cool. Free christmas gifts, YAY! saves $ for sure. Cleaning up around here on my day off. Also switching the game project around. Yea I know we worked hard on teh current work so hard why the change again?

Because the UDK will allow us to build it as a stand alone with multiplayer opitions and we don’e have to do it as a mod anymore. Which will allow us to get more in Opening Seq, Custom Player GUI, Settings screens the whole pie not just slices we’re allowed to to change the toppings with if that makes sense? best part is we can take our existing work and place it in the editor to work on and update with the latest in Unreal Code and script tech.

This should help bring the morale up on the team as well since we have been rather slow as of late even with the new addition to the team. Anyways more stuff to do and not much time to do it in.