UDK Update

Trying to learn how to do a smal normal map for testing purposes for 1 vehicle and 2 player models and 2 weapons with two ammo placments and two spawn points. EPIC FAIL! >_<; oh and GOD FORBID anyone lend a fu**ing hand! Frustration is so much fun. …….NOT!

But it has to be done, If we are to realize our vision of a gaming studio? We need to buckle down and do the math, no matter how hard it can be. MUST try to strive to learn how to get the code to work properly. Distributing the existing assests among the team and some of the NEW concept designs I've been playing with and some of the vehicles I've had in mind.

So far everyone is on board and may even have some new members as well. My hope is a fellow forum member named Phoenixwing from BuF comes onboard as well. His skills as a coder are remarkable, and he'd be a true assest to the team. That and I could learn a few things from him as well.

Off topic I walked out this morning after work at midnight and drove home at that same intersection I kid you not was a buck with a 3.5 Antler spread on the corner. I went across slowly enough so not to spook him but quick enough I could hit the gas to avoid him too. but as soon as I crossed thru he just strolled across the street as the walk like came on. One of those odd moments again.