Black Friday

*Yawn* Morning everyone! A Great day indeed! Although still no snow for which I am glad, means I can go outside today or tommarow and rake em up. Its lazy friday for me, and time for WAFFLES! yes dad to the rescue with emergency power waffle ranger to the launch pad! After 12 Waffles and a stick of butter and 1/2 a bottle of syrup that will satisfy any child’s hunger in my book!

Cleaning the house up and getting these dishs cleaned up are going to be a pain but will have to be done. Oh and I have to get my own christmas shopping done soon as well. I didn’t want to drag the kids with me at 3:00 am in the morning and hassle thru the crowds and such. So I may just shop on line and deal with the shipping that way. Plus I *forgot* to send my father his birthday present OMG I am a terrible son……. 😦 I r da suck.