Well back to work.

Yup its the weekend and I get to go back to work which is where I am at the moment. just less than 2 hrs left. Does anyone know what they want for christmas yet? Me, I’d like to get Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare II, but will I get it? Probablly not. I’ll probablly get stuck with clothes. Although I do want to get my wife something I know she is in need of and desperately wishes to replace.

SO, I’m searching the benfits my work has for that type of service and see if my perks out balance her work’s perks as far as discounts go. Either case I think she’ll be happy with the choices we’ll discuss when we sit down and do all the paperwork that will take an hour or two to do. Anyways, LAST Break is over and back to the grinding wheel for me.