TGIF for me anyways……..

Ok got up dressed and got my oldest to school and then hit the toys r us for a great deal on 2 items for our kids. I got there, waiting in line at 8 as the doors opened and I got to the area and elbowed by some buck/snaggledtoothed trailer barfly, I actually turned arounf growled “THERE IS ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE” seeeeeeee (waving and showing her while everyone else just watched as I went off on this rude trailer reject from a redheaded hamster farm. ) Got my two items turned around and said, “JUST BECAUSE ITS a SALES ITEM DOES NOT GIVE YOU A LIC. TO WRESTLE ANYONE FOR SAID SALES ITEM. made my purchased and left with thier mouths agape at what I said.

After traveling back to the house and hiding it all? I had to travel up to my mother in law’s and I helped out as much as I could on moving some of the furniture and her pc desk and other stuff as well for the downstairs basement. Also grabbed a replacement spiral lit christmas tree for the front yard since our old one has decided to slowly die on us. So I’ll have something to do tommarow morning. Plus I found PREY the video game at Big Lots for 6$ I had to get it! I couldn’t pass up a deal like that. Well anyways, I gotta get back to work since I have about 2 hrs left now. Then home install and play…. mwhahahahaha