Workload and Company Party

Ok, so our company party is on saturday. So far getting it off seems good still, I am crossing my fingers on it. Went shopping today saw a pretty cool deal on software, games normally 20-30$ for 6$ SQUEE! Mirror’s Edge is 6$ so tempted. But have to stick to the plan and get what is needed and not wanted.

I’m hoping for some manga or some steam gifts. I doubt it though, for one I’m pretty poor atm with the economy the way it is, but I am glad I still have my job and a roof over my head for my family. I just hope i can take my wife to the party. It’s nice to be able to your spouse, your life partner, the one you share things with out to enjoy an evening like you used to do before having children. Not to say thats a bad thing, I’m saying everyonce and awhile you need to go and be by yourselves, be -you- time not mom and dad but your old identities or you lose yourselves. Anyways enough of this I have to hit the showers and get cleaning and then goto work. See ya true believers !