Wow, now the physixudart_20.dll is giving me issues after reinstalling the engine itself. *sigh* I understand why but the how it happened is whats got me? Also, I have to check with the team to see how we are doing on progress. Paulo from what I understand is working on binging the map over to the UDK which should prove useful as far as getting the experince on working with it for the 1st time.

I am also learning how XMI works. Its proving to be interesting to a degree. because I’m trying to learn how to rig and I can understand how tedious and to the beginner how frustrating it can be. Animating and rigging models can be painful mental wise. But it does indeed give me an apperciation on the guys that do remarkable work with models like evilengine as an example. dude is a 3d marble maze of knowledge talent. If Epic had a an award for best player sculptor? You’d seen his name in the top 3.

Anyways, back to cleaning the kitchen and getting a load of laundry done. THEN WORK! on one more day till my friday! HUZZAH!