Repairs and teamwork

Ok, so I’m getting things cleaned up on the forum. Updated a few threads to relfect our move to UDK. Need to study more on the 3d model side of things. I mean I am trying to lear how to do some of this on my own but its harder than it looks. tryign to get some of the existing weapons ported over animated and rigged and coded properly and get a ammo pickup made for them as well isn’t going to be easy.

Nick called and he has an issue with his PC, seems his mainboard is the issue I replaced the PSU since it refused to post. not it posts but shuts right back off. So that leads me to belive and speculate something on the board or maybe a bad memory dimm might be the cause either way He’ll have to hit PC Laptops, or some PC repair facility on this one since I no longer have the proper tools to test and fix it myself. Ok off to work I go YAY !