Prey, Bargin Hunting and cleaning house

Games galore at Big Lots! I couldn’t believe it, Prey, Rainbow 6 vegas and Global Assault Conflict and Mirror’s edge 4 to 6 $ each. Even a Japanese Self learning Software pack 8$. I might grab it for a birthday gift for someone I know. I also got muvee installed, but had to learn how to do some of the converting myself. Did a quick sing along video like the dork that I can be from time to time. Then I uploaded it to Youtube and my FB. Definitley not one of my finer moments. LOL.

Getting the christmas tree out to the house. for tommarow’s tree trimming and getting the bins is always fun as well. Also hit this new chinese restraunt down the street from us and turns out we may have found a new place to eat. Their hot and sour soup is by far better than most of the places I have had that soup at within the last 5/6 yrs. The General tso chicken is enough to make you drool and just one sniff from the kitchen. overall my wife and I had an enjoyable time, one more enjoyable than some of our more recent trips togther. Anyways, got to get back to cleaning, a house does not clean itself.