Ok, so no work party for me.

Someone has to save the office right? Besides, small steak dinner, a drawing or two and then a band and drinking. Did I want to do all that? Naaaaaah, because thinking about this thru the week? My wife is allergic to wheat for one and two she’s diabetic on top of it, so the food variety would be somewhat limited on selection (yay another “salad”).

Anyways, HR came up and handed us all passes to Thanksgiving point and the lights before Christmas display which runs till the 3rd of Jan 2010. Which will be cool and I can take them after my brother in law heads back to Texas. Squall and I are reconnecting it seems and on a positive note as well. I think his Christmas gift should make it on time to be underneath the tree. I’m hoping he likes it, I asked 2 of his family members if he would? Signs show positive that makes me happy.

Heh, funny thing the other day I was cruising thru my friends list and when I hit phant’s I found C.D. Rhom’s FB and Mcclaud’s as well. I sent Mcclaud a “hi found you msg” but I don’t thing I’ll send anything to C.D. the pain still really hurts and even stings a little bit. I should get back to work. All blog and no work makes Mada-kun a bit off balance, then again when have I ever been stable? Oo; lulz…….