DAMNIT MY CAR !!! and new Phone!

hey I got my wife a new phone *finally* the skinflint that I am finally broke down and traded up the olde nokia with missing mic plate and scratched up screen and flaking chrome. We decided on The Samsung Solstice carrying case, bluetooth and some other goodies. BUT LO! it seemsm I get one as well with a new # to boot! so those that are in contact with me? Expect to update your address book entries please, so you will not be calling my wife instead. LOL (Hide nailstudded 2×4 behind my back) no really don’t call her it’ll more or less just piss her off.

Oh and we decided to get wendy’s afterwards on teh way home before I headed to work? Guess what, my car door window refuses to go up now. Seems the toggle switch burned out. So now I have to head ot saturn tommarow to get that fixed before my wife’s brother and his family get into town thursday night. That and I really don’t want a pile of snow in my driver’s seat when I go home at night. Ok back to work and will take with you tommarow with an update.