Daniel O’Bannon One the Better Screenwriters dies at age 63

Daniel O’bannon Screenwriter of Awesome died due to Crohn’s disease at age 63. He is survived by their son Adam. Truly a sad month for the world yet again another legend of Cinema History taken from us.

I remember watching dark star which I think was his first movie along john carpenter doing the directing. I and Gary a good friend to this day watched it at Mike’s or Rick’s house I can’t recall which house it was and we were amazed at the cool effects (at the time) and the story was not bad for that era.

Then came Heavy Metal and Aliens which further brought us to the edge where we fell into Rpg’ing and we have Mr. O’Bannon to thank for that. May he travel among the stars he so wrote about and sipping tea at Milly ways with Doug, Ford, and Bishop and Ripley. God Speed dear kind writer.