Happy 50th Yr Shonen Sunday & More Steampunk Fun!

Figure I should post this up even in it IS 4 months late. It still makes me laugh something terrible. I can actually remember play my 1st Ranma game at Jerry’s Apt. on his Turbo graphics Console. Ahhh man those where the days.

Steampunk Edition Electromagnetic Field Detector Mark 1. a very cool gadget that can alow you to hear the electro magnetic fields that stuff like your monitor, microwave, even your old tandy calculator. Dude put a lot of work into it. I like the feel for it, but the knobs could have been done a tad different in my opnion. Overall though, seems like a very cool project to do.

The nerf Rifle you wish you had. I love this as well. I got one of my daugthers a Vulcan as well, after seeing this I’m almost tempted to do it. But nah, I won’t ruin my daugther’s Christmas prsent to convert to steamtech.