Voomers/Boomers AI Cont. Hrp-4c

We’ve seen the akiba, the kobian, and some of the other robotics with AI interface and learning ware. But overall Hrp-4c is the closest to a real genom base gynoid to date. Seen here

she’s already becoming a household name in Japan. This does seem to this viewer that we seem the first truly possible fully operational and functional 33-S Prototype? This seems to really be a possible reality now. For those Voomer/Boomers researchers out there like at Dr. Raven’s Website? This might very well be one the models you have been waiting for to discuss at length,

Only thing really missing are the tear ducts and you can only tell if you look very closely.

1st Music Video for Hrp-chan while Cosplaying as Miku-Hatsune?

NOW, if she could do Bar Mitzvahs and Shriner Conventions, I’d be raking in the dough!

A very short but cool demo nonetheless.

For those wanting even more info? The AIST Link for Hrp-4c



  1. ken · January 3, 2010

    I love the first video clip. Slowly but surely, robots are entering peoples’ lives. I can’t wait till HRP-4C stars in her own music video!

    • Madarame Kun · January 3, 2010

      she did actually well in a round about way when they had her cosplay as Miku-chan wel known and famous Vocaloid. Oh and just recenlt found there are some other editions of her as well. Seems to be a few model types created since that time last yr.

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