Washer troubles

Well if that doesn’t byte the whopper! Washed some clothes earlier today and at least a foot of water absorbed into the carpet pad. Looks like we have to do laundry at the laundrymat today. After mopping up and then wrestling with the mess? Come to figure a missing spring! part of it pretty rusted out. filed the bad part off redid the hook so it would attach properly like it did before. Ran a test load and the drum keeps tilting forward.

Wife doesn’t want me to call the home warrenty company because they’ll try to repair it best they can before that -=have=- to replace the unit itself. It’s just a major headache to deal with, besides we’re also discussing the redo of the family room and redoing the walls and color and carpeting and we -=really=- don’t want a leaking PoS type of washing machine ruining our new carpet.

I like my skin and don’t want it to become a new rug because I didn’t want to agree on not purchasing a new washer and possible dryer combo. We’re also redoing the laundry room thats in teh family room as well. Which will requir eme taking down a wall and laying down for foundation and learn how to redo the plumbing for the washer water leads. So these next 2 months are indeed going to be interesting to say the least. OFF TO THE VAULT!