JP-Studios have an additional mechanics modeler

Jade Phoenix Studios just got word that Mr. Rendall a 3d modeler and a Musical gourmet has accepted a position with our studios as of 5:25 PM MDT. He’ll be stepping in for Jadzia who is out at the moment due to issues of a personal nature. We miss her, and hope for her safe and health return soon. I am posting up some of the designs we recovered from a what was suppsoedly a dead and lost hard drive. After updating Antivirus and Malware scanners, we entered the hard drive after mounting it as a 2nd drive. come to find out it help my ancient “98 2nd Ed.” O/S and The Original Concept pieces that Mr. Macphee had sent me 9.5 yrs ago.

Mr. Rendall will be also composing some musical composions for some of the project’s enviroments that are currently under construction as we speak. Mr. Rendall’s youtube channel can be found here at this link come on, CLICK it you know want to! We’re glad to have him, and welcome him onboard our team and current project.