Happy Feb everyone,

This month has started off great with me getting a laptop for my wife which works decent. Also got a 17 inch Acer LCD Screen with built in speakers one problem the backlight is blown so I can see the desktop but it’s really dark. But it should be an easy fix. The person also had a HP 6400 Smart print or is that a print smart printer with ink.

The young woman I got these from seems to putting a house in order after the death of a relative. She even asked if she comes across any more pc tech or gear if I’d like to pick it up. Said sure no problem. I got home unloaded the Laptop, it’s a dell CPi with Xp Pro installed, and I had to remove a few programs to make room for the windows updates and to get Antivirus installed as well. Got that completed and works well, slightly slower than normal but does the job. My wife needs one so I shall provide her with one.

Friend of mine says he can repair the Acer and in return I’m giving him the Dell 19 Inch that has a power jack or power supply issue it return for his help that and the printer as well. I don’t need 2 printers do I? As far the project goes? Paul is working on texturing Leon, seems to be coming along well. I will check on the progress of that soon too. I did check with Zach who is doing a map rebuild from the old project and finishing it off for use in the UDK. Daan has got the work with the 1st person animation done with at least one the weapons we current have going at the moment. Things do seem to be working smoothly. I did come across an old back of some the vehicles as well from the 2004 Project, and I sent those over to Chris to be revised and updated to add a little polish and to refine the existing textures. I just have to wait to see how he comes along with it? Anyways back to work till midnight.



  1. P · February 2, 2010

    You know, in a moment of boredom I checked the old Yuku boards while looking for the Wiki.

    Man, a post made as recent as last year commenting on a spambot?

    Are you aware of the kind of crap that you would stir back up if anyone found that?
    Though, in retrospect, Steltek was right. You should come back you know.

    I’ve watched you over the last year or so and much like the rest of us, you’ve changed in little ways. Which is not a bad thing.
    I think you could easily come back to Bob.
    You may want to stay away from the screen-name “Leon” because of the connotations it holds. But beyond that, it wouldnt be so bad.
    Hell, we’ve gotten two new types in within the last month alone.

    • madarameharunobu · February 2, 2010

      Nah, I “know” for a fact that it would end up with stress again and having to deal with certain people I just have no desire to interact with at all. As far as the Yuku board goes I think Tiny Tim complete shit on that board to the point NO one would want to post up there again. he’s also one of the main reasons why I left and he knows it and can go fuck himself for it too. As a point of interest why not “ask” if anyone -woould- want me to come back and specify it as being a “serious” question, rather than a lmao,omgbbqfn post. I bet you will find a 90% Average VS the 10% as to a fuck hell no to yea sure wy not? I’d bet danger money on it. That’s a sure bet I can tell you.

      I left a good portion of crap back after leaving both places actually and I feel better now since then. I may have indeed lost a few people I thought were friends after hearing through various sources that some thought I was a loon for being angry with you. Even though its water under the bridge? I do think I was justified in being angry. If those people can’t understand that then my guess is they never really understod me to begin with would sum it up. Well I’m at work now and have to start troubleshooting and start with my ticket qoute for the night as well. *Pitchfork in hand torch in the other heads off towards the cleanroom* I SAID TO HAVE THAT FIXED BY NOON! It’s past 3 pm I TOLD YOU WHAT WOULD HAPPEN!

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