Well Good Day to you blog and daily readers.

Seems today is a good day indeed! I made contact with the person I wanted to ask permission for on a game concept and he is more than happy and has agreed to allow us to not only develop the game and bring it to 3d thru UDK. But to also be allowed to use assets from the music and floor plans as well.

With this said I am also during my spare time btw calls at work and what I can get at home when I am not doing housework or helping the kids with homework. I’ll be sketching up weapons for the game and some maps of my own design as well. So far the idea is pretty good at least 2 of my team members have voted positive for the go ahead after our 1st project is completed.

Now with what happened with our missing vehicle modeler for our team? Seems Chris has an accident of some sort and was in the local hospital in his neck of the woods for a few days and that’s why he wasn’t able to contact anyone in regards to his whereabouts.
Still have to stay I was indeed concerned. Especially after sending him the old designs specs package I recovered the other day and the vehicle concepts we had from the original project as well. Going refine the models and optimize the texture sheets for them and then see how the import/export goes and see if the models look new and improved! I’ll even share a few images for the fact I feel like sharing at the moment.

Experimental Remote Anti Voomer Combat Drone

Shibuya N-Police Metro Class Squad Car

Megatokyo-2041 branch concept Patrol Bike