My Friday and how I want to sleep

Greetings on this fine evening of evening, it’s my Friday and I let MechZilla go to head home at his respectful time. But here I am at the last legs of my work night typing to get this in by the end of the day. Well to give a brief update. Our Resident character modeler Paul has Leon McNichols of The MegaTokyo 2041 Project created and textured. Now we have the fun part! Rigging this character and getting him animated and getting the 1st person arms ready as well.

We also just had word this morning that we’ve been given permission to go forward with planning our next project as well. Photon the Laser Tag FPS. Not a lot will be said here but we have also been allowed to use assets from the original photon promotional CD from the mid 90’s The Moddb submission has already been accepted and authorized as well. The planning stages are already being discussed and music as well as our Armory as well as a few surprises too.