Birthday Wishes and House chores for me.

I’ve emailed both Mr. Mavronus creator of The DMPhoton_Beta Map for UT99 and Mr. Hasty who had created the original soundtrack for Photon. I haven’t heard for either as of yet, but I am hopeful. It would be a fun experience to work with people who not only share a love for the game but helped promote to thru other media such as FPS games. The music promo cd that was made for Photon the laser tag game itself was also pretty cool for a 90’s beat.

I’ll see if I can upload a copy into the article as I type this out. But I suspect we should start some production on the 1st map itself here within the next week or so. We’ll be dividing the team up itself so as one section will be working on the 2041 Project and the others on the Photon “Rebirth” Project. Zach has some good news it seems. He has one the buildings in Aqua City Seaport and docks done and I am hoping to see some in editor shots of this. It will most glorious.

Now, with the weekend coming up I have to prepare the house for the invasion of females into this domicile for a 24 hr celebration. She wants a cheesecake, ice cream and soda. I will let my loving wife know and see if that’s what we’re going to do for her. Anyways, almost time to go to the store… Have to think on what to do for Valentines Day as well.